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Aranmanai 3

Aranmanai 3

DirectorSundar C

CastsArya, Raashi Khanna, Sundar C., Andrea Jeremiah, Yogi Babu, Vivek

Duration156 minutes


GenreComedy, Drama, Thriller

Trailer & Synopsis

The story is set around the beautiful city of Nachiyarpuram and its pride,Palatial residence of it's Zamindar, the 'Aranmanai' ! The revered temple of Nachiyarpuram has a secret chamber, which has been closed for more than two decades. Legend says there is enormous amounts of treasure secured in the vault. The residents of the city want to open it and spend the wealth for the welfare of the city but the Zamindar, for some reason, does not want the chamber to be opened. The residents of nachiyarpuram gain the legal permission and eventually, the secret chamber's doors are opened. Surprisingly, nothing worthy is present inside the vault and the Zamindar's fear also become meaningless. Nevertheless, ever since the secret chamber has been opened, a string of mysterious events starts to occur in the peaceful little city.On the same night, the Aranmanai' s driver dies under mysterious circumstances. This brings the Zamindar's daughter Jyothi,who is studying in Chennai, to visit the city, for the driver dearly cared her from her childhood.However, the Zamindar does not like Jyothi returning back. In fact, he almost hates his daughter because she costed Zamindar's wife Eswari's life duringchildbirth. Although Jyothi's own father hates her, she has a secret admirer in the same city ,who loves Jyothi more than anything in the world. Saravanan is a bright and youthful person,who finds Jyothi's visit as a final opportunity to express his love to her, musters courage and enters the Aranmanai',under the cover of renovating the same. With him,a jol ly bunch of his friends arrive in,for helping the hero succeeding in his love. At Aranmanai,the mysterious events continue. Consecutive bad incidents happen,almost costing Jyothi's life. Everyone starts to feel some ominous force is present in the Aranmanai. Jyothi also believes the same and strongly believes that it is her mother's spirit which saved her from death every time. At this juncture,the family relative Ravi arrives in the Palace to meet his daughter and wife. His daughter senses the presence of the mysterious force inside the Aranmanai,and the worried Ravistarts to investigate things. Hair-raising events continue to occur, few more people from the Aranmanai continue to endanger their lives suspiciously. At the same time, Saravanan and his comical friends continue to impress Jyothi, without much success. Jyothi gets inquisitive on the incidents and join hands with Ravi,the duo starts to relentlessly search the reason for the secret behind the murders at the Aranmanai.To their utter shock, they find out there is a ghost present inside the Aranmanai,and it has taken over Saravanan's body. Jyothi is devastated when they find out the Ghost which is trying to kill her is her own mother, Eswari! Ravi also has a hunch there is more than Eswari's Ghost inside the Aranmanai,from his observations. What on earth would make a mother to avenge her own daughter, that too,after 20 long years? What lied inside the secret chamber of the temple? Was there really nothing? Why the fateful events started from the day the doors of the chamber were opened? Why only the people related to Palace are targeted and killed? What lies beneath? Why is the Zamindar hates his own daughter? Was it really due to his wife's death during childbirth? Which is the second Ghost in the Aranmanai? Why and from where has it come? What happened to Saravanan? Did Jyothi survive? What did Ravi do? Was the Aranmanai and the city saved from the clutches of bloodthirsty Ghosts? Welcome to the Aranmanai experience! The latest instalment Part 3 answers the above questions as the brilliant screenplay unravels the mystery behind the knots, carefully laid in synergy, one by one with nerve wracking suspense and nail biting screenplay, in signature Aranmanai style!

Aranmanai 3 is showing on cinemas since October 14, 2021 to November 17, 2021

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