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Sometime, Sometime

DirectorJacky Yeap

CastsTan Chui Mui, Jacky Yeap, Loh Kok Man, Yap Jia Ern

Duration107 minutes

GenreFamily, Action

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Trailer & Synopsys

"Sometime, Sometime" peers into the uneventful everyday lives of Zi Kien and his single mother. One day he finds out that his mother has a new boyfriend, Mr Lee, and he is worried that he might lose her to this new stranger. Zi Kien decides to imitate adults like Mr Lee by copying their speech, their clothes, and smoking. However, Zi Kien's body is small for his age and he is still yet to become a man so his behaviour does not match his physical appearance. Their lives remain uneventful until one night when his mother falls asleep drunk, Zi Kien touches her entangled hair and observes her wrinkled face. The next day she decides to get herself a 'haircut'.

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